Natural Home Remedies That Work

You can feel perfectly fine before you go to bed and then wake up with a sore throat or the sniffles in the morning. You may even find that simply eating a ham and cheese roll can leave you feeling bloated or with indigestion, and a sore stomach.

So, how can you cure these and other ailments naturally without rushing of the drug store? The following tips will get you started.

Reduce Nausea

Ginger is excellent at reducing the symptoms of an upset stomach. Simply buy a ginger root and cut off a few pieces. Then boil your kettle and pour the hot water into bowl. Place the ginger root pieces in the bowl and allow to cool. Then strain the mixture into ice-cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, suck on the ice cubes. Your stomach will love you for it, and your nausea will subside. Ginger’s anti-nausea properties are ideal for pregnant women, sore stomachs and after surgery.

Cure Hiccups

If you’re prone to getting hiccups, then swallow one to two sugar cubes. Evidentially the dry grains of sugar relax the irritated diaphragm nerve. Other substances such as salt are effective, but sugar tastes the best.

Sore Throat Cure

Grab some cloves of garlic and make yourself a solution by mixing six pressed cloves with hot water. Allow the water to cool, and then gargle the mixture twice daily for three days. Fresh garlic, according to research has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria.

Get Rid of a Cough

Dark chocolate (yum) contains theobromine, which is a cough suppressant without any side-effects. Other treatments include mixing honey, with vitamin C and taking this before going to bed. However, eating dark chocolate sounds like more fun.

Reducing Fever

Linden flower tea, made by placing the herb in hot water for 15-minutes, controls temperature and dilates blood vessels. If you then drink three to four cups of linden tea daily, your fever should subside. In addition, draw a lukewarm bath, which cools the body’s core temperature.

Quieten Flatulence

Peppermint tea or even eating the leaves helps to kill the bacteria that cause bloating. Furthermore, peppermint relaxes the intestinal muscles, so digestion is smoother, and spasm-free. Peppermint also reduces indigestion and heartburn.

Stopping Foot Odour

Soaking your feet in a vinegar solution – one part vinegar to two parts water – at the end of the day eliminates the bacteria linked to foot odour. A strong black tea foot bath will also give you the same result. The tannins in the tea kill bacteria and close your feet’s pores.

There are hundreds of natural remedies that can cure medical conditions. Simply jump online and search the net to find more.