The secret of juice diet

What is a juice diet?

Juice diet also known as juice detox, is a modern form of dieting, involving consumption of fruit and vegetables, whilst abstaining from other foods altogether or partially.


The amount of fruit versus vegetables is usually 80% vegetables to 20% fruit, so as to keep the sugar intake found in most fruits as low as possible, whilst
maintaining a healthy proportion of sugars to protein and vitamins.

Why choose juice dieting?

    • The benefits of juice dieting are various and have been known to improve overall┬ábody function, as is the digestive system and liver function.
    • Most vegetables, especially green, leafy ones such as spinach and kale are high in fibre and promote good colon cleansing.
    • Juices reduce your apetite for sugary foods and control cravings. As your stomach feels full with less calorie intake, you are on your way to losing a few pounds too. In fact, many people wanting to shed weight kickstart their diet with a 3 day body cleanse juice diet.
    • Since juice content is raw food, our body is benefiting from absorbing all the important nutrients and minerals that would otherwise be lost with the cooking process.
    • Caffeine, processed fatty foods, sugary drinks, wheat and fermented produce are known to be human killers and as such, juice dieting provides the benefit of eliminating altogether these harmful substances from our body, leaving us more energized as well as enjoying the ‘feel good’ factor.
    • By drinking sufficient fluids, our body feels hydrated. Our skin and hair feel supple and cured from toxin elimination.
    • Juice dieting restores our health and rids us of physical ailments such as bloating, cramps, migraines and a whole array of other discomforts the food we consume causes.
  • One of the primary aims of anybody opting for juice dieting is to detoxify the body. To do this, the juice content must be loaded with fruit and vegetables which are high in antioxidants. All kinds of berries, pomegranates, prickly pears, beetroots and most other vegetables and fruits which are red in colour, provide an excellent source of detoxifying properties.

Juices can be enjoyed anywhere; at home, whilst on the go and also whilst playing live casino online.

As you inform yourself better on the absolute health benefits juice dieting offers, you are sure to search for some healthy, delicious juice recipes and drink
your way to a healthier you!