What Is Homeopathy: Natural Health Care

Known as a complementary medicine, Homeopathy is an alternative therapy based on strengthening the human body by promotion of self-healing. This treatment relies on the principal of treating ailments with products that mimic symptoms of the same illness in healthy people. Thus, treating ‘like with like’ is the holistic basis of Homeopathy.

Practitioners of Homeopathy, known as Homoeopaths also treat the whole person. Therefore, they consider a person’s lifestyle, personality, and hereditary traits before treating the patient, and they also discuss the history of the illness.

Homoeopathy successful treats physical ailments, as well as mental and emotions conditions. Many of these medical complaints can be long or short term. Some conventional treatments suppress, rather than treat illness. Consequently, masking pain and the underlying cause. However, Homeopathy reveals the cause, and then treats it, so healing takes place.

Scientific Homeopathy Studies

Many studies confirm the effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment. These resources are available online about:

  • Treatment for Hyperactive Children
  • Reduction of Skin Allergies
  • Remedy for Acute Coughing
  • Flu Treatment
  • Haemorrhoid Therapy
  • Immune Function Improvement
  • Insomnia Remedy

What Happens During Homeopathic Consultation?

Your Homoeopath will ask you a series of questions about your health when you first visit them. These questions will focus on your current and earlier condition. Your Homoeopath will also ask you about your lifestyle – what you eat, drink, and how you sleep.

Typically, your first consultant will last for around an hour, depending on your ailment and history. Subsequent visits many last for 30-minutes, or more. Treatment continues until symptoms of any illness have disappeared.

How Long Does it Take Before Treatment Begins to Work?

Treatment effectiveness depends entirely on the type of ailment that you have. For instance, when treated for a cold or flu it may take one to two hours before you begin to feel any difference. More serious conditions, such as traumas, or ongoing medical conditions, may take longer to heal. Plus, treatment effectiveness varies from person-to-person.

Can Homoeopathy be Combined with Other Treatments?

Yes, Homeopathy is safe to use with conventional treatments. But, it’s important to understand that many conventional treatments suppress or alter symptoms of illness, and can produce side-effects. So, if you are receiving conventional treatment, then notify your Homoeopath before they start treating you. This notification may alter your course of treatment so that your Homoeopath can check your progress effectively and compliment any other treatment you’re receiving.